A Daly thought.

I grew up a fervent Pistons fan. They won their first championship my senior year in high school after some devastating playoff defeats (Bird steals the ball, etc.) in previous years. Their success was inspiring, because they were simply different than the rest of the league in every way. Even though they were from all parts of the country, they were all Detroit personified. Tough. Intimidating. Hard working. Results-driven. And resilient. They climbed the ladder one step at a time – no shortcuts.

Chuck Daly was the unlikely leader of the group. He was slick. Charismatic. Well-dressed. And smiled more than any NBA coach before or since. He was a special guy who was able to subtly bring out the best in everyone, while keeping egos carefully in check. When he passed away over the weekend, we wanted to do something to quickly commemorate it.

This billboard is now appearing on at least two of the electronic boards in the Detroit Metro area. Amazing what can be done in a moment’s notice.


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