Rebranding Covisint

Covisint, a Compuware company, is built around the distribution and dissemination of information within a secure ecosystem (cloud) environment. Initially conceived to service the Big Three in automotive, the company is now owned by Compuware and is working to extend beyond its automotive roots and into additional verticals such as health care, government, and financial services. In the healthcare space, Covisint provides healthcare IT on a software-as-a-service model to exchange information and provide real-time access to this information across the healthcare industry. We were engaged with the goal of better articulating their confusing and complicated story, while putting systems in place to allow them to grow quickly in new vertical markets.

We developed a new brand platform that was a more accurate and compelling description of what they provide, then set to work organizing and creating systems from their multi-layered product/solution portfolio. We worked to strip away layers, and convert this highly technical, inward focused company into one that is more welcoming and inviting to end users and easy to understand.

Once the new brand framework was established, we worked with their internal team to establish a more consistent and compelling sales system, which could be executed in a more repeatable manner by their vast sales teams across all verticals. We also assisted in the development of a new website and various communication materials.

Below are some samples of our work.